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geeks with disordered eating
Welcome to geekED! This is a community for geeks who might have an eating disorder or disordered eating habits. Feel free to discuss all nerdy issues relating to or not relating to EDs and habits!

First off, let me set this straight. This place is not a "pro-ana/mia" or "anti-ana/mia" place. It's more like an disordered eating discussion community. Anyone with eating/weight issues is encouraged to join. This includes EDNOS, anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating, and pica sufferers, as well as disordered eaters.

There are only a few rules, but they are going to be enforced strictly.

1.) Any potentially triggering content is to be put under a journal cut. Triggering content is disordered eating habits, purging, diet pills, thinspo, calorie counts, planning, and diet endorsement.

2.) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT POST PROGRESS PICTURES. You can post pics of yourself at a party, on vacation, in a new outfit, whatever. But you guys know what I mean by progress pictures. Link it from your journal. This is for your safety, as people will troll and steal your pictures and turn you into thinspo/lol-anas. If you choose to share progress pictures, do it in your journal.

3.) Don't be a bitch :D

4.) POSTS ASKING HOW TO PURGE, or for purging tips will be deleted. People posting instructions on how to purge will be banned. You can mention it, but don't teach the habit to others via this community. This shit pisses me off, and it is one of the most damaging habits to teach to others. It tears up your body, spreads acid through out your throat, stomach, and teeth.

5.)I reserve the right to delete posts and ban members at my own discretion. I'm pretty fair, but don't piss me off.